I walk you through your internet project

agile development : research - design - develop - validate

I value agile development methods because they allow us to improve quality at all times. Stepping from one phase of the project to another is done with an iterative – not linear – scheme: first, needs are identified, then a prototype is developed and tested multiple times until the best solution shows up.

Identifying needs

As we actively work together, your website will benefit from a successful user experience. After a first set of talks and research, your expectations and the users’ should be defined. Through the concept work stage, I pay attention to every detail about the interests and comfort of the end users. These are truly your website target audience. User acceptance testing is therefore run with external customers to validate that the interface is functioning properly and access to data is predictive.

A comprehensive web strategy

Let’s craft together a web strategy based on the needs collected at the previous stage. At that point, we evaluate the complete list of issues and technical difficulties to be overcome. I can assist you with your search engine optimization and online marketing. ( i.e. email newsletter marketing )
An efficient content strategy can be shaped to offer scalable and adjustable solutions.

From information architecture to usability

The upcoming step of our collaborative process is to determine, thanks to a tree-structured sitemap and content reference wireframes, how your visitors interact and move through your site. It is all about structuring and prioritizing information as well as enhancing navigation to maximize your website's usability.

A personalized visual identity

As information architecture tasks are in progress, it is time to add some color to the project, starting with depicting your brand’s own unique visual identity. I set up a modular graphic display system and to keep it flexible over the long term, I make sure to separate functional choices from aesthetic ones.

Prototyping: a first glimpse at the project

To help you visualize where your project is heading, an interactive prototype is modeled. You can test the features on your cross-device (mobile, tablet, computer) compatible website.

The technical part: development

Once the prototype is validated, the end result of your website can be built out. Advanced professional web development techniques will be used to deliver a solution tailored to your needs. Each website I deploy comes with a content management system which allows you to maintain and update your site. And no need to be a genius to use it.

Quality control is about taking stock

Over the workflow, I make a point of applying best practices in terms of security and performance. As I run automated testing over and over again, the site is sifted through to detect the slightest hitch. Ultimately, we can say that your website has proven itself. In other words, it is quality guaranteed. Implementation is over, but is your site cross-platform and multiple browsers compatible? A final assessment still needs to be completed to check it out. And now we can celebrate.

Launch and review of the successful website

The project has just been validated and final content made available, so be ready for the launch date. The launch plan is set to release the new website and includes web analytics to assess its performance. Figures speak for themselves.