Web design assisting the medical world

OBJECTIVES : Create a new version of the web application with greater ease of use, better performance and an improved user experience on mobile devices. Build new tools allowing non-technical users to manage the content on the website.

G-Design was contacted by a medical team that wanted to modernize an online tool used for prescribing antibiotics.

The introduction of an accessible and flexible design allows doctors to get quick answers on every device. A new custom backend provides an intuive way for the team to keep the medical information current.

From audit to assessment

An expert review of an existing website

1. Improving a successful website

The necessary research allows me to discover the possible improvements I can make to an existing website. Usability tests show the user experience problems a website faces and an expert UX review helps me to discover how to improve the ease of use and effectiveness of the website.

A wireframe for a website

2. A professional and easy to use website

G-Design looks for a solution to the usability problems by making wireframes and mockups. The new design should focus on the most important elements of the page, allow the visitor to quickly find an answer to his question and make the visit an enjoyable experience.

responsive web design

3. A flexible tool, optimized for all devices

A flexible website, built using responsive web design, has a layout that adapts to a variety of screen sizes. A visitor using a mobile phone or a tablet computer has access to the same content and functionality as a visitor using a desktop computer, but the site provides a better user experience, optimized for the device being used.

a custom backend application

4. Staying in control of your content

A content management solution developed for the Antibioclic team allows them to keep the medical information current. G-Design used the latest web technologies to create a powerful and intuitive tool. Since this is a custom backend application, the users are not presented with a plethora of options that don't address their specific needs.

analytics and monitoring

5. Assessment of project success

After the launch of a new website, G-Design installs analytics on the server to evaluate the success of the project. We track the number of visitors, the duration of their visit, if they return frequently, how many of them arrive at the result page, etc. We also track the origin of the web site traffic and measure the impact of every marketing or public relations campaign.

A custom solution for specific needs

When building a powerful, yet easy to use, online tool, a generic CMS or other turnkey solutions rarely address the specific demands of a project.


This website is being used by health professionals during medical consultations. It is paramount that they can quickly find an answer to their medical questions. G-Design needs to improve the usability, the readability and the loading time of the website.


G-Design chose to develop a custom interface for the antibiotic treatment research procedure. An interactive widget replaces a multi-page search form. In addition, G-Design improved the performance of the website and enhanced the experience for mobile users.


This custom-tailored developement allows us to build a fast and effective website. The website analytics and the positive user feedback show us this project is a success.